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My friend is lucky enough to live in one of the best spots in the world. At least I think so and so does she. She is right at home with the mojito suckling crowd and yes you guessed right, that is in the Florida Keys. I have visited her 4 years ago and fell in love with the place.

I guess by living in a city that never sleeps it is understandable too. I would love nothing more than move to Florida but my work is here and for now that is ok. Sue (yep, her name is like mine) told me that Florida foreclosure is a huge issue right now and that many of her friends and some family are in danger to loosing their homes.

What to do? I honestly have no idea but do feel the common despair these people must be feeling. I guess we can be lucky to have a roof over our heads and I count my blessings every day. I saw a story on CNN the other day about people losing their homes and it must be so hard to cope with this. I feel that I need to do something but what? I haven’t got money to throw around and except offering somebody homeless a roof over their heads, I don’t think I can do much.

Are any of you in similar predicaments? If so, what do you do?


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Feeling Like Shit Today

I have been ill all day and am not sure what the heck is going on. What bugs me most is that my upcoming vacation is looming close by and the last thing I wan to happen is to be sick. Darn, so here I sit, drinking hot lemon tea and eating chicken soup and looking up at the planets as they turn their orbit.

The stars are twinkling and my belly aches from all the hot liquid I just drank. I hope this will only be temorary otherwise I won’t be a happy girl at all.

Bene brought me some mags earlier today to keep me entertained as I couldn’t work. I threw up all day long, yuck…

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Are you a TV person? I suspect most people are, but I am kind of torn between the need for entertainment in the evenings when I’m home and the disgust I have for most TV shows and advertisements. I guess it is the ads that bug me most. I have considered satellite TV or private TV services if there is such a thing, but am really not sure because of the costs involved.

TV has this fascinating aspect, kind of a love and hatred thing. Given he chance I rather hit the road with some of my girlfriends for a night in town, but with the recession being here now, most of them can hardly afford a drink.

I’m fortunate enough to have a secure income so right now I’m cool.

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Home equity is a big deal for many Americans right now. If you read my post about my best friends the other day and how they lost their home to foreclosure nightmares you understand that equity line rates and the like all matter in finance.

I know a guy in town who lost his home due to foreclosure last week. It made me sad to see him lose all he ever worked for. To make matters worse, this guy has family, a wife and 3 little kids, all under 6. This sucks and I so wish that they can get somewhere to live as one.

From what I heard they don’t have family close by and nobody has been willing so far to put them up short term. I could but only 2 of them as my place is just too small for a family. It makes me teary eyed because people like them shouldn’t suffer like that.

These are the good people we talk about here. I wonder what has gone wrong!

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I already talked about my upcoming ski trip to Whistler in a post the other day. Today I got a day off work (psst I played sickie) and did some research on the place. I have my hotel booked and my ticket is paid for, but I wanted to learn more on the night club scene and what a girrrrll my age is to do there by herself.

Not that I would get bored anyway. I found some cool looking haunts I intend to abuse and explore until dawn. The place actaully looks a lot bigger than I had first anticipated so I’m very excited to put my own stamp of approval onto Whistler on my vacation.

I’m really excited now, even more so than I had been before because I’ve seen some of the stuff I can explore and do there.

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Bird Love

My best friend bought a bird today. I can’t believe it actually since she always complained about being woken up by birds in the early morning. How in the world does she think she can sleep now? Hahaha… I won’t feel sorry for her when she complains to me next. I actually did warn her but she waved me off with a tsk, tsk. So much for friendly advice.

The bird is from the family of budgies and green with yellow. It actually looks quite cute but I’m not sure whether Dare realizes that she now has to care for it like if it was her baby. Not for me I’m afraid, I’m more of a cat person and we all know that cats and birds don’t go well with each other!

She is now tossing up between snookie, Elvis and Costello to name that bird. You can obviously tell that she is a huge fan of Elvis Costello. I wish her luck anyway. Meanwhile I shall keep looking forward to my upcoming vacation. I’ll be a bird in the snow.

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In under 1 month time I will be fortunate enough to hit the ski lsopes in the Rocky Mountain’s. Whistler actually and I look very much forward to my well deserved vacation. I’ve worked my butt off this year and really need a rest. I’m also going solo and hope to pick up a nice adventure along the way – hehehe…, yes us ladies do like the action too at times.

It’s been a while for me anyway so I hope to be able to let off steam. I’m not too bad a skiier, having skied a lot in my youth. But I suppose I will be a little rusty since it has been a while. I might even book a lesson or two, having been told the instructors in Whistler are quite hunky. Hmmm… time will tell.

All in all I will be away for 10 days and not be able to blog in that time. But don’t worry, it won’t eventuate until December, so there is still time to ramble on about my life until then.

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