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Back in Business

It’s been a while since I posted here on this blog and I appologize to you if you came by for nothing. Since coming home from my Florida trip life has changed drastically for me. To be honest, I’ve had a tough year last year and to start a blog amidst all the shit that has happened in my life was probably a little over-keen.

But I have promised myself to make this year 2009 the best ever for myself and so I am back in business with my little voice on the net. I shall endeavor to post on a regular agenda and blabber on about me and my life. I find it to be quite therapeutic to be honest and writing actually helps me to sort my active mind.

I find it hard to fall asleep at night and have realized it is due to my consistent thinking – not good!

So what has happened to me since I last stopped by here? Actually, quite a lot of good things (must be my changed mind set). I found a new job (yes it is true) and also a new boyfriend. Chade and me are actually thinking about buying a house together and while mum says I’m crazy I think why not. Right now is the best time to start a new mortgage because of all the bargains out there so I’m seriously looking into mortgages right now. I found a free Heloc calculator that helps me to suss out the rates we will be up for if we go ahead with this.

Chade has a secure enough job and my new job pays really well so between thw two of us we should manage rather well actually. Wendi my friend has done the same not so long ago but she got married too which is not on the books for us right now. It’s not for lack of not wanting but to preserve our finances. We rather buy a house now and then build a family later since we are both still in our late 20s.

I’m excited really because I deserve to have a happy life and Chade is such a darling you wouldn’t believe. He looks after me real well and treats me like a princess. I’ll keep you posted on our progress anyway.

Right now we are talking to several lenders. We are planning to settle down in Ohio because we love it there and it isn’t far from our homes, (kind of in between anyway).


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