Going Awol

In under 1 month time I will be fortunate enough to hit the ski lsopes in the Rocky Mountain’s. Whistler actually and I look very much forward to my well deserved vacation. I’ve worked my butt off this year and really need a rest. I’m also going solo and hope to pick up a nice adventure along the way – hehehe…, yes us ladies do like the action too at times.

It’s been a while for me anyway so I hope to be able to let off steam. I’m not too bad a skiier, having skied a lot in my youth. But I suppose I will be a little rusty since it has been a while. I might even book a lesson or two, having been told the instructors in Whistler are quite hunky. Hmmm… time will tell.

All in all I will be away for 10 days and not be able to blog in that time. But don’t worry, it won’t eventuate until December, so there is still time to ramble on about my life until then.


As this blog is about living in uncertain times, today has been a day for new hope – a new dawn I guess in the history of America. The results of today’s vote will certainly not change the course of politics overnight, but it has all the makings of a hopeful future.

I am often called a cynic by my friends. I don’t just take things at face value and after what I have been truth in my life I guess I can be a little tough.

Some would call me a survivor, a fighter. I would certainly agree and that is why senator Obama has impressed me like no politician before ever has today. I wish him godspeed and power to withstand the cynics, the opposition and the naysayers. I know with certainty that we can all make a difference for out children’s future if we only try.

The foundation for this has been laid today and tomorrow is the beginning of a new dawn. Let’s join together and celebrate.

Foreclosure Nightmares

This really hasn’t been a great month for me at all. Not only have I suffered from this mysterious illness nobody knows what it is, but now my best friends are losing their house due to foreclosure. Those of you who are not sure what this means, let me tell you it is a nightmare.

They lose their dream home because they can no longer afford to make their mortgage payments. I have seen this happen to distant acquaintances over the last few months, but never has the mortgage crisis hit home closer than now.

The problem is that the husband has recently lost his job with the bank he worked with for 20 odd years. He never even dreamed that this could happen to him and even though the wife works a job, she doesn’t earn close enough to keep paying their various loans. They have their home mortgage and a couple of personal loans which they have already consolidated early this year.

Now they are being forced to leave their property within the next weeks and they are devastated. I have offered to take them in for the time being as my home is big enough for a couple of extra lodgers I guess. But it isn’t a long term solution for any of us and I wonder what will become of their financial future.

Fighting A Nasty Illness

I suppose there couldn’t be a worse time to start a brand new blog than there is for me right now. I have been taken ill since the beginning of this month and I have no idea what is wrong with me. As I sit here are home there isn’t much I can do but to watch TV, surf the internet and now start a blog. I guess I’m at the stage where I’m so dead bored that I had to do something as working is right out of the question right now.

After tow relatively good days today i feel like shit again. I have this massive sore throat and ear ache. Even so after doing nothing but rest, eating healthy and sleeping. I really have no idea what is wrong with me and the doctors are as lost as I am right now. I suppose I can all but wait and in the meantime grace you with my shining wisdom (or not).

Hubby thinks it could be a virus os some kind, and I think he might be correct. I try to stay positive all the while this happens but it isn’t that easy. I feel miserable to be honest and am not a good patient. I rather work and do something but any physical activity exhgausts me to the bone even walking.

Many town folk have also been taken ill with similar symptoms so I wonder whether there is something around that we don’t know about yet? Anyway, my friends always tell me I’m strong so here I go fighting on like a true soldier.

Tonight I plan to watch Hannibal Lecter to amuse me some. I’m not really into gruesome movies, but the Silence of the Lambs is a true winner in the historic movies of all kinds stakes. I’ll keep you posted how Clarice is going….