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Home equity is a big deal for many Americans right now. If you read my post about my best friends the other day and how they lost their home to foreclosure nightmares you understand that equity line rates and the like all matter in finance.

I know a guy in town who lost his home due to foreclosure last week. It made me sad to see him lose all he ever worked for. To make matters worse, this guy has family, a wife and 3 little kids, all under 6. This sucks and I so wish that they can get somewhere to live as one.

From what I heard they don’t have family close by and nobody has been willing so far to put them up short term. I could but only 2 of them as my place is just too small for a family. It makes me teary eyed because people like them shouldn’t suffer like that.

These are the good people we talk about here. I wonder what has gone wrong!


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