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My friend is lucky enough to live in one of the best spots in the world. At least I think so and so does she. She is right at home with the mojito suckling crowd and yes you guessed right, that is in the Florida Keys. I have visited her 4 years ago and fell in love with the place.

I guess by living in a city that never sleeps it is understandable too. I would love nothing more than move to Florida but my work is here and for now that is ok. Sue (yep, her name is like mine) told me that Florida foreclosure is a huge issue right now and that many of her friends and some family are in danger to loosing their homes.

What to do? I honestly have no idea but do feel the common despair these people must be feeling. I guess we can be lucky to have a roof over our heads and I count my blessings every day. I saw a story on CNN the other day about people losing their homes and it must be so hard to cope with this. I feel that I need to do something but what? I haven’t got money to throw around and except offering somebody homeless a roof over their heads, I don’t think I can do much.

Are any of you in similar predicaments? If so, what do you do?


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