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Bird Love

My best friend bought a bird today. I can’t believe it actually since she always complained about being woken up by birds in the early morning. How in the world does she think she can sleep now? Hahaha… I won’t feel sorry for her when she complains to me next. I actually did warn her but she waved me off with a tsk, tsk. So much for friendly advice.

The bird is from the family of budgies and green with yellow. It actually looks quite cute but I’m not sure whether Dare realizes that she now has to care for it like if it was her baby. Not for me I’m afraid, I’m more of a cat person and we all know that cats and birds don’t go well with each other!

She is now tossing up between snookie, Elvis and Costello to name that bird. You can obviously tell that she is a huge fan of Elvis Costello. I wish her luck anyway. Meanwhile I shall keep looking forward to my upcoming vacation. I’ll be a bird in the snow.


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